Prompt Engineering
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What's Included with our Prompt Engineering Service?
With our Prompt Engineering Service, you'll collaborate with an AI expert who will gain a deep understanding of your business needs and use cases. Your Consultant will assist you in maximizing your use of ChatGPT with custom crafted prompts. We provide flexibility in our approach and can work with you and your team in a way that best suits your needs.

Your Consultant will work with you to learn your goals with ChatGPT and craft the perfect prompt for you to help you get the results you need. Each prompt is unique to you and your needs and offer unparalleled results.

Each prompt provided comes with 2 revisions if you are not getting the results you need.


Starts at $300

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Your consultant will leave you with resources to do further research on your own as well as a quick synopsis on how to leverage your prompt effectively.

This includes a ChatGPT lightning guide, recordings of your meetings, and a library of other resources to refer to when working in ChatGPT.

Included with New Custom Prompt Services
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Example prompts we can help with:

  • Content Generation Prompts 📝
  • Project Management Prompts 🛠️
  • Sales Copy/ Collateral Prompts 📈
  • And much more! The sky is the limit with Synaptic Labs in your corner!

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Starting at $300


1 - 20 minute info gathering session.

48 hour SLA for Prompt Delivery (from time of meeting).

Proposals are completely customizable to you needs


1 - Fully Realized Prompt

2 - Revisions Included

Recording of info session for review

Library of Enablement Resources

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Not ready to hire a pro yet? 

Don't worry! Check out our blog and podcast to learn more about ChatGPT and generative AI as a whole.

We will still be here when you are ready to level up your use case!

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