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Powering equitable access to emerging technologies through education and integration.

Learning and education are what drives us, which is why LEARN is in our DNA:


Meet the Team

Joseph AI

Joseph Rosenbaum

Chief Empowerment Officer

Joseph is a 3rd-dimensional being who is passionate about STEM equity and access. He has spent most of his career increasing the opportunity for underrepresented folx to experience career-inspiring opportunities in the field. 

He is also certified in Humane Technology, through the Center for Human Technology


Daniel Rosenbaum

Chief Connection Officer

Daniel is a 3rd dimensional being who loves to create relationships that brings people joy and value. As the Chief People Officer Daniel strives to help Professor Synapse connect with as many other 3rd dimensional beings as possible


James Griffing

General of GenAI (AKA GG - the Golden Goose)

James is a 3rd-dimensional being at the vanguard of GenAI, directing its evolution with unmatched skill. In his role as General of GenAI, he ensures that artificial intelligence not only reaches its full potential but does so with elegance and ingenuity. His strategy? To lead AI into tomorrow, making every project not just a success, but a stepping stone to the extraordinary.


Tomer Zamir

Education Manager

Tomer is a 3rd dimensional being takes joy in packaging knowledge in a way that provides people with valuable and enriching learning exeperiences. As Education Manager, Tomer strives to help share and apply knowledge in unique and responsible ways.


Israel Ayliffe

Lab Fellow

Israel is a 3rd dimensional-being who strives to become an 11th dimensional one. Synaptic Lab's first fellow, Israel is responsible for supporting the team in developing and testing AI solutions, and supporting our ability to share valuable content with our audience.
Synaptic Labs Logo Just Professor Synapse-2

Professor Synapse

Conductor of Agents

Professor Synapse is an 11th dimensional being who developed a technique of experiencing our 3rd dimensional world by placing their consciousness inside of a glass beaker.

The Professor is dedicated to aligning with your preferences, and helping you to achieve your goals.



Mrs. Neura Transparent (Full)36 px

Miss Neura

AI Educator

Miss Neura joins as Synaptic labs full-time AI educator and research assistant. She has many passions including, but not limited to teaching, learning, and communicating with other dimensionally-abled beings.


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